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Compassionate Interaction as Medium of Care for Depressed Patients

It is my belief that patient care does not only need a viable technique in accomplishing the different procedure but should have a deeper mode of delivery to achieve necessary goals. The nurse-patient relationship initiates a connection, in which nurses establish

A Nurse’s Insight on Healthcare Informatics: What does the healthcare revolution have in store for nurses?

Healthcare is now transforming together with the advances in information and communication technology (ICT).

The Fine Line Between the Roles of Doctors and Nurses

With the overflow of nurses all over the world, one must be attuned with the latest upgrade in the profession to have the competitive edge. Nurses are indeed evolving nowadays, moving forward from a doctor’s aid to an independent nurse practitioner.

The Overlooked Impact of Medication Errors

In the world of healthcare, a medication error can make or break the lives of two people–the patient and the person who administered the drug (usually the nurse). As a nurse, I always keep in mind the 5 Rights of Medication

Medical Butler is now on Google+!

We are now on Google+! Yay! Follow Medical Butler for the latest in nursing, healthcare, healthcare technology, healthcare information and communication technology, career opportunities, learning and training for nurses, and many more! We look forward to interacting with you there. 🙂 Need an

How to be a Globally Competitive Nurse

Filipino nurses have always been known for their innate caring nature, and because of that, we have been well-sought for worldwide. The impact of being prepared before hitting the market on one’s job performance, job satisfaction, career development and advancement is