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Our online campus offers the Borderless Nursing app, the world’s first mobile learning course that is designed to give nurses an understanding of Healthcare TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecommunication) and how this shapes and affects Nursing Informatics and the nursing profession as a whole. The modules are self-paced, hence, nurses can learn and study in the comfort of their office, school, or home. It will suit the needs of every student or working nurse.

Watch the video below to know more about the Borderless Nursing App.

About Borderless Nursing App

Course Description:

Borderless Nursing app is a two-week course designed to give nurses and allied health professionals an understanding towards Healthcare TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunication) and how this shapes and affects Nursing Informatics and the nursing profession as a whole.

Course Objectives:

This mobile learning course is primarily aimed at enhancing nursing informatics skills and introducing this new specialization to nurses and opening doors of opportunities in the nursing profession.

Specific objectives include:

  • To enhance nurses’ healthcare ICT skills and challenge them to become a recognized nurse informaticist globally.
  • To build a strong knowledge base on Healthcare TMT for nurses.
  • To develop versatile skills set for nurses, which will increase their global employability.

Who is it for?

This mobile app is designed for nurses, student nurses, and allied health professionals who are interested in nursing informatics.


Email Christine at christine@borderlesshealthcaregroup.com to sign up. 


Testimonials from the pioneer batch of Borderless Nursing App Trainees:

doriI am one of the lucky recipients of the Borderless Nursing Online/Mobile training for free. I worked with a medical tourism integrator before and my patients saw the benefits of a better coordination abroad. While my on the job training before was limited, the application will open up another horizon of the fusion of the nursing intervention, entrepreneurship and information technology. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.~~~ Dori Bauzon Sta. Rosa, RN, CRN, works at DOH-GFR6 HIV Project – Blood Component as a Project Associate.


genardBeing a medical butler is really challenging..I hope that I would be able to continue my learning in nursing informatics..my training in online and mobile program I have learned a lot like being able to recognized the use of certain software like EMR (electronic medical record) EHR (electronic medical record) and be able to know their differences I am hoping again to continue my training thanks to borderless helathcare group for giving this kind of opportunity ~~~ Genard Gutlay BSN, RN , CRN.


rodneyIt has been surprising. a company hired me soon after being with BH Institute. Hence, it’s no ordinary  company. Thanks!!- Rodny Angcaya, BSN, RN, Certified HAAD passer.