Medicalbutler.com is a healthcare consortium equipped with full scale hardware, healthcare Information Library, and communication technology platforms. The facilities are designed to meet every training objective. Trainings are held in the media production room, resource center, business development division, geriatric division, human resources and training room, telemedicine kiosk and medical tourism kiosk.



Our Medical Butlers are assigned in the following fields of expertise:

1. Call Center

A Medical Butler in the call center is skillful and knowledgeable in online concierging, patient management, customized patient and IT support, telemedicine and other e-health and m-health services.

2. Multimedia Production

A Medical Butler in Multimedia Production is trained to create informational tools for Public Health Education. These tools can be in the form of written materials, videos, audio recordings, and live shows.

3. Super MB

A Super Medical Butler is equipped with the latest gadgets and advanced knowledge and goes out to service clients who are in the comforts of their homes.



Medical Butler.com is owned by BH Institute, a Singapore company and subsidiary of the Borderless Healthcare Group (BHG). It is a market leader in the medical call centre industry and a pioneer of the medical butler system, which operates a medical concierge for home health, medical tourism, and caregiver training and support.

Other stakeholders of BHG are key players and corporate leaders from different industries like medical, CRM, IT, legal, finance and media. The group’s core investment is in consumer centric Healthcare ICT, which spans from the operation of Healthcare Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) call centres to the establishment of Virtual Hospitals in developing countries.

BHG’s expertise in Disruptive Healthcare market activation process has won many media features and partnerships with governments, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies around the world. The Interactive Healthcare process pioneered by BHG has not only provided a solution on how governments can resolve their problem of poor public adoption of EMR, it has also evolved the flawed “Universal Healthcare” notion to a more relevant concept of Universal Health 2.0 – Digital Universal Healthcare.

BHG believes that the practice of borderless healthcare will be one of the key solutions in solving the cost, inaccessibility and greying population. BHG’s readiness in consumer centric interactive healthcare will allow it to lead the world in 3G/4G Healthcare

Borderless Healthcare Group Management


Mr Steven T (Terry) Clontz | Telecommunications veteran with 38 years of experience, Director on multiple NASDAQ listed boards and former CEO of StarHub

Dr Kenneth Leong | Medical Director of Borderless Healthcare Group

Mr Philip Fong | Managing Partner, Harry Elias Partnership; Legal Advisor, Singapore Medical Council Mr Mike Armour | Former Chairman of Asia Pacific and Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific, Grey Global Group Inc

Mr Geoff Spiller | Managing Director, GMS (Asia Pacific) Ltd. One of the largest CRM outfit in Asia Pacific

Dr Wei Siang Yu | Medical Doctor and Medical Inventor; Founder, Borderless Healthcare Group of Companies

Prof Arcot Desai Narasimhalu | Practice Professor of Information Systems; Director, Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Singapore Management University

Prof Marc Cohen | President, Australasian Integrative Medicine Association; Founding Head, Department of Complementary Medicine, RMIT University, Victoria Australia

Ms Susie Kong | Incumbent President, Commonwealth Nurses Federation

Mr Keith Budge | 17 years in executive and senior management roles in software industry; Former SVP for Oracle Asia Pacific and Japan