A Medical Butler’s Tale:

You may be wondering what a Medical Butler is. Here’s a brief history:

Medical Butler is a term coined by Dr Wei Siang Yu, a renowned medical doctor/inventor and founder of Borderless Healthcare Gorup (BHG), to describe a newly created role for a medically trained person, e.g., a nurse tending to health consumers via a multi-media platform. The development of Medical Butler revolutionises the world of nursing in borderless healthcare and allows consumers to experience interactive health support regardless of space and media interface.

Medical Butlers are healthcare professionals such as nurses who are trained in various fields of knowledge. They are adept in information technology, communications, customer relationship management, and the like. Their wide knowledge base enables them to help health consumers in a range of services such as procuring of second opinion, coordination of digital medical records, moderation of health webinars, dispensing of medical fact sheets and, concierging medical tourism cases. Medical Butlers are seated in various call centres supervised by call centre managers and Medical Butler managers. Medical Butlers have multi-lingual capabilities and multi-cultural background as they are housed in our call centres across the globe.

Medical Butlers have also become ambassadors of the latest in health and healthcare career information, who are on a mission to share with their fellow healthcare professionals how they can be of better service to healthcare consumers and how they can catch up with this industry that has become consumer-centric and technologically-driven.

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