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Nurses are at Risk of Chemotherapy Exposure and its Toxic Effect

According to a recent study, 17% of nurses who work in outpatient chemotherapy units are at risk of exposure to chemotherapy and their toxic effects when treating cancer patients. Chemotherapy exposure can greatly affect the nervous system and reproductive system. It

Doctors’ and Nurses’ Uniform Can Harbor Tons of Bacteria, study says

The distinct white uniform of doctors and nurses, which is perceived as clean, may on the contrary be contaminated. A recent study that involved the participation of 75 nurses and 60 doctors in a 550 bed capacity hospital in Jerusalem showed

Jumping into the Twittersphere: A Nurse’s Guide

When you heard about twitter, you probably thought that it is just another social media network where post an every-second accounts of their lives. Maybe it is true, but, hey, did you know twitter is great, too, as long as you

Life of a Forensic Nurse

Ever wondered what other career options you have as a nurse besides working inside the hospital? Why not try forensic nursing? They say this is not for the weak-stomached or the weak-willed. Forensic nurses take action in crime scene investigations. They

How Empathy Can Help Nurses Care for Patients with Dementia

Dementia is a loss of cognitive ability in an aging person, where in a person’s memory, attention, language and problem solving skills are impaired. Dementia seen in the elderly is known as senile dementia. The disease, having no cure and progress

Breaking the Bridge Between Nursing and Information Technology

In the world where everything has turned computerized, healthcare has also advanced further into the world of information technology. The birth of electronic medical records, and computerized documentation are cues that nurses are now ready for the electronic makeover and penetrate

Compassionate Interaction as Medium of Care for Depressed Patients

It is my belief that patient care does not only need a viable technique in accomplishing the different procedure but should have a deeper mode of delivery to achieve necessary goals. The nurse-patient relationship initiates a connection, in which nurses establish

How to be a Globally Competitive Nurse

Filipino nurses have always been known for their innate caring nature, and because of that, we have been well-sought for worldwide. The impact of being prepared before hitting the market on one’s job performance, job satisfaction, career development and advancement is