Do the Benefits of Alcohol Outweigh the Disadvantages?

There have been a lot of debates on whether alcohol is beneficial or harmful to the health. Many healthcare professionals as well as certain religious groups are against it because of negative effects it has on the body. However, others contest that it’s not that bad because there are studies that show that alcohol indeed has good effects on the body.

Alcohol has been linked to many health problems as well as accidents. It is said to increase the risk for various diseases such as liver problems, sleeping disorders, sexual problems, and some infections. It’s effect on pregnant women and unborn babies are also quite alarming. A number of aggressive and irresponsible actions are also being displayed by people under the influence of alcohol.

However, a recent study disputes the disadvantages of alcohol with some identified advantages. This study tracked the lives of 38,000 men who are (all healthy and alcohol drinkers) over 12 years. The result shows that those who drank 3 or 4 times a week have fewer heart attacks than those who drank fewer. It also showed that consuming three or more drinks is better than having one and drinking everyday or more frequently is better than drinking occasionally.

The question that these now leave us is whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.