The World Humanitarian Day is a Celebration of People Helping People

Whenever disaster strikes, we see good-hearted people and organizations who are really and willing to lend a hand to help the victims. They risk their lives and go to far places like Japan, Sudan, Somalia and Haiti where they can help people who are suffering from hunger, drought or any type of catastrophic conflict.

These humanitarian workers dedicate their lives to saving and helping people. They are a reminder that we can all help one another in achieving a better world to live in.

The World Health Organization gives tribute to our humanitarian workers on The World Humanitarian Day happening on August 19. This event highlights the roles of the aid workers and humanitarian workers, commemorating those who have sacrificed their lives or those who have been injured while pursuing their duties.

The WHO encourages everyone to participate even in little ways to bring awareness regarding protection of child’s rights, empowering women, and alleviating hunger or poverty.

You can also take part and make a difference in the world today. If you have any ideas on how you can contribute in bringing awareness and on how you can change the world, you can voice out your suggestions to the United Nations Secretary General. If your idea is chosen, you can even win a trip to New York to explain your plan real time to the UN Officials.

There are over 12 million people in Somalia who are battling a catastrophic drought and hunger