An Open Invitation to Nurses

Do you have a fascinating story, a learning experience, a list of tips or news that you would like to share to other nurses? It could be a funny encounter with your favorite patient in the hospital, how you landed your dream job, guidelines on how to accomplish a nursing task, solution to a nursing conflict or dilemma, healthcare updates you learned from a conference you have attended, or a personal story that has greatly affected your profession.

Whatever it is, we are happy to announce an open invitation to all nurses who would like to contribute to this blog (perhaps even in exchange for back links and exposure) to share their stories!

It has always been’s goal to provide an online learning and networking experience for all nurses to help them become more aware of the different updates in their profession and to encourage them to learn from other nurses. As more and more readers are becoming regular visitors of this site, I would also like to create a group of contributors who have great information to share and who are willing to take part in our mission to help other nurses.

Topics can include anything health related. These topics are highly recommended:

1.Nursing Informatics
4.Electronic Health Records
5.Social Media in Healthcare

Here are other suggestions:

1. Student Nurse’s Perspective –Any experiences and insights about taking up nursing.
2. Career Growth – This can be about experiences in hospitals as staff nurse, head nurse, charge nurse, volunteer nurse etc. This can also be about alternative career for nurses.
3. Clinical Experience –Nurses’ experiences in different areas and fields of nursing in the clinical setting.
4. Licensure Examination – This can be about anything related to licensure examination. This can be about recommended review centers, tips on how to pass the exam, procedures on how to apply for the licensure examination, what to do after the exams, recommended books, etc.
5. Overseas Nurse Experience – This is about overseas nurses’ stories/experiences regarding the benefits/salary/training they are getting. This can also be about tips and requirements on how to apply to a certain country, the tradition and nursing practices overseas, the technology/equipment used in the hospitals etc.
6. Nurses’ Confessions – This includes stories about negligence and malpractice committed in the hospitals, what happened/ the result of the malpractice/negligence etc, breaking nursing ethics (nurse/patient relationship etc)
7. Post Graduate Education – This includes topics for thesis, post graduate experiences etc.
8. Nurses’ Rants and Raves – This includes stories and experiences regarding what nurses hate and like most about being a nurse
9. Nursing Specialties – These stories/experiences are about the different nursing specializations (dialysis, ICU, ER etc)
10. International Licensure Examinations – This can be anything about different becoming a registered nurse in other countries.
11. Nursing Ethics – This includes information and experience on how to become more professional in the clinical setting in accordance to nursing ethics
12. Nursing Seminars – This includes updates on upcoming seminars/ seminar experiences/ seminar ratings or reviews
13. Personality and Leadership- This includes topics on problems, solutions, suggestions, and insights about personality and leadership of a nurse.
14. Others- Let us know what you want to talk about!

If you have something to share but are not confident at writing, don’t worry. That should not be a problem as we have Medical Butlers who can assist you. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are a student or a registered nurse. We believe that each has their own insights and expertise that other nurse can benefit from.

If you are interested, you may reach us though the following:
•Chat with out Medical Butlers (See chat button at the upper right corner of the screen)
•Email us at
•Like us on Facebook
•Add us on Facebook
•Follow us on Twitter

We encourage contributors to send their profile, photo, and links to own websites so we can properly attribute their contributions.
As a general rule for writers, all contributions must be original and unique and must not have been posted elsewhere already. Contributions will also go through our editors to ensure conformity to formatting and editorial guidelines.

We look forward to your contributions, comments and suggestions. We hope you could also share this information to your friends who you think would be interested. If you are also looking for guest contributors, we’d be happy to help you as well.